Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) rowangiggles 2011-12-24

it feel like ive been looking forwards to Mikey coming more than Gerard has lol! this chapter was really good but i feel like it gonna end soon IDK why but it does and i really dont want it to! lol that make me sound so sad! but seriously that was really good this whole story is epic :D update soon!

Author's response

I'm guessing you're a Mikey fan then! Well, to be fair - he is awesome! I've already said that I'm not gonna give the end away, or when it is - but we are nowhere near. Half way maybe? Unless something goes horribly wrong and I can't be arsed to carry on. But I'm glad you like and don't want it to end. Hell, I'm over the moon about that!