Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) aweirdtree 2011-12-24

it was so cute! :3 i mean, the start and when they met and aaargh, i just felt so happy for them both! ^^ but poor Frank, i know it must not be too nice not to get all of the attention from Gerard xd yeah... hopefully he's not trying anything to make Gee and Mikey separate! although, i couldn't probably really blame him... yeah. also, about Gerard not knowing whether to stay or leave; i guess it's very normal in situations like that >_< aargh, i don't know what to say! i love this story too and although i don't want it to end i want it to have a great ending (:

haha, that was that. thanks for this chapter - really made me smile! it's seriously one of the best chapters you've written so far, everything in it is just... gaaah, hate it when i can't describe my feelings xd but just so you know, i love it (: have a happy christmas and all that shit!

Author's response

I'm glad you like this. The chapter was fairly easy to write, 'cos I can emphasise with Gerard in it - I was in a similar(ish) situation a few years back. In hind sight I made the right choice, but between your family and your mates, when you know you don't have many friends where your family are would be difficult.

As I said, I'm really pleased I like the chapter, I'm surprised you thought it was one of the best, but each to their own!