Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) Bringhimup 2006-10-19

As a die-hard H/HR shipper I would normally never even start a story like yours. But I liked Susan in some Harry/Harem stories, so I gave your story a small chance, even if your story is featuring Susan as Harry's only love interest. It's a compliment in it's own, that I read upto chapter 5.

I really like, what I've read so far. The plot is really good. I like the many perspectives you are showing and the new outlook on some of the characters, without making them OOC (Marietta, Peter). That there are some plotholes (Susan's mum as an example) is unimportant for me.

But my dislike of "Hermione with any other male than Harry, especially if it's Ron" is holding me back, so I stop reading now, as we haven't even seen her, so I can spare me future pain.

But, if you are ever writing a H/HR story, I will read your fic.


Author's response

I think by limiting yourself to just H/Hr stories, you do yourself a disservice. There are several fantastic stories out there that do not involve that pairing. It never says that Susan's mother isn't alive only that Voldemort killed her Uncle Edgar and his side of the family. In book 6 (and in chapter 1 of this story)her Aunt Amelia is killed. I hope you will try this story again someday.~Jim