Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) Dragen 2006-10-19

Poor Harry, I know ginny is upset, but the Ginny that we know, wpu;dm't say the things like that... she would know that Harry would have done everything that he could do to save him if he could.

Emm, what happened to the Potter's family master ring, I would have thought that Harry would get one, as he is the last of the Potters, so what is Dumbledore up to then?? Dumbledore is still trying to tell Harry what to do, and everyone else is doing the same, I thought they were firends of Harry... why didn't anyone ask what Harry went. Will at least Harry told them where to go.

Author's response

The Ginny we know, well we don't really know Ginny that well until book 6. She's never lost a brother before. Most stories portray her as the uberwitch. In my version she is a strong young witch who is the 7th child and only girl. It's possible that she might be only as mature as a 15 year old girl...~Jim