Review for Before Back In The Day...

Before Back In The Day...

(#) aweirdtree 2011-12-31

hahaha, i liked it! :D made me want to go skating again... hope it really would snow, then i could xd but anyway, this was really good, the last sentence didn't make it too nice (: if you know what i mean... i mean that it's not too "unrealistic" or something that way... okay, now even i don't know what the hell i'm actually talking about, but just know that i liked this chapter very much (: thanks!

Author's response

Yeah, I love skating and had just been, so decided to put it in. It'd be great if it snows. but can't imagine it will.

Really pleased you like it, and I did kinda get what you mean by the last sentence not being too nice. I just wanted to get across that the good times weren't going to last for Frank's family.