Review for ~Auditions~


(#) missfunghoul57 2012-01-02

Name-Eva Lee


Age (killjoys are 20ish in this fic)-22 feel free to change

Killjoy Name- Lethal Melody


Part- (leave two)
Party Poison's love interest
Kobra Kid's love interest

Appearance- Brown hair that is slightly curly and falls a little below her breast, sometimes she pulls it back.Fair skin, and a very clear complexion. Not to tall and not too short....a happy medium! Very skinny, but doesn't look unhealthy. Big brown eyes, and cute pink lips.

.Clothes (Killjoy and Normal)-Killjoy- Ripped and distressed dark jean shorty shorts, worn black combat boots, lacy tank tops in various colors, a black laether jacket that looks like it had been in the desert for as long as Eva has, avaitor sunglasses and different color pieces of string tied around her wrist...sometimes she wears different colored tights under her shorts
Normal- Simple things like, tee shirts, jeans, shorts, and converse

Personality-Very quiet at first, but after a while she becomes fun, unique and personable. She has a true heart of gold and cares for almost everyone. Almost like the mother or the group, very protective of her friends and family. Can be very independent and outgoing!

Likes- rain storms, music, travel, love, friends, laughing

Dislikes-cats, being alone, being the center of attention

Family- only child, but she had a mother and her aunt and uncle

Back Story- She was the secret love child of Ann and Korse. Once Korse found out, he was on his way to total domination and killed her mother. He was trying to kill her too but her aunt and uncle have done thier best to protect her...which ment leaving her in the desert when she was 15 years old. Ever since then she has been a Killjoy, who is praying that Korse has forgotten about her.

Quirks- Chews her lip when she is nervous, does extremely well under pressure, thinks she has better aim when she is barefoot

Anything Else- Well I really don't know what your plans for the story are, but when my friends and I were writing out killjoy story, we thought of this and you are more then welcome to use this if you would like; each of the boys has their own little 'Killjoy Symbol'. We came up with and idea for the way that they got those symbols. When they came across one of the Killjoy 'stops' there was a little vending machine type thing (where you put the quarters in and turn the knob and a little plastic container comes out with some type of cheap jewelry in it) so each of the guys decides to put in their last coins, and they each get little plastic rings with thier 'killjoy symbols' on them. they eventually give them to thier 'love interests' or girlfriends.

I know it's a pretty hard concept to understand so I totally won't be offended if you don't like it! I was just trying to throw an idea out sorry if I rambled! I'm looking forward to the story (it's about time for a new killjoy story!)Xo, E