Review for I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

(#) missfunghoul57 2012-01-03

Name: Eva Brees

Age (18+): 20/21.....fell free to change!

Looks: Dark brown hair that falls to the middle of her chest. It has some slight curl, but she usually straightens it or pulls is up. She has big brown eyes and long eyelashes. Since she has such a clear complexion, she doesn't normaly wear a ton of make up, so just a little here and there. She has very pale skin, and is very slim. She is not tall but not short so a happy medium. Natural beauty and an alluring glow.

Personality: Can come across as very quiet at first, but once you get to knwo her she completly changes. She is very outgoing, personable, confident and caring. She has a very kind heart and can tend to be motherly. On the other hand, she is very funny, creative and colorful!

Anything else you think I should know: Auditioning for the part of Leigh's best friend :D Thanks for reading! Happy writing!