Review for I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

(#) DestructionBattery 2012-01-03

Name: Nicole 'Nick' Wayne

Age (18+):19

Looks:Really dark brown hair almoast black that goes down just past her boobs and she is sort of inbetween ivory and olive skinned and her boobs is a B cup she's 5'3'' and weighs arround 120 lbs so shes not skinny nor fat, her makeup is usually some foundation to cover her dark cirkels and black eyeliner. She wears alot of skinny jeans in darker colours and tank tops and hoodies and band tees, she usually wears leather jackets or trench coats with either converse or boots

Personality: She's why when you first meet her and then after a while she warms up to people and is really outgoeing to the people she warms up to and knows, she does not take shit from anyone and has a sort of i dont care what you think of me attitude, just wants to have fun and live life. shes also stubborn and impatient. likes bands like mcr, msi, the used, nirvana, 30 seconds to mars, avenged sevenfold and many more mostly everything withing rock.

Anything else you think I should know: Shes kind of guarded when it comed to her emotions cause she was not so succesfull in her last attempts at relationships, she has her mom Reachel and her dad Bruce Wayne. She has two older twin brothers Jack and Robert. You may edit her as you want her im just suggesting

Good luck!