Review for I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

(#) EmsJayify 2012-01-03

Name: Emma Hayes

Age (18+): whatever fits (:

Part: Leigh's best friend ^-^

Looks: she has poker-straight, bright red hair that goes down past her shoulders in layers and a side fringe that covers her right eye. She wears black skinnies held up by a studded belt with some kind of band tee. She wears band hoodies if it's cold. Her skin is very pale and she usually wears purple eyeliner and black mascara.

Personality: she's bright and bubbly, and is very passionate about rock music. Her friends mean the world to her and she would never want to upset them. If you get on the wrong side of her or upset her friends though, things can get pretty nasty.

Anything else: Emma plays guitar and she has a huge crush on Frank Iero xD

I hope that was alright! Happy writing! ^-^