Review for I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

I fell in love with a girl at the rockshow

(#) MEEPALOZA 2012-01-03

Name-Jasmine Price. Age-19 or whatever best fits. Part-Leigh's best friend. Looks-long curly dark brown hair with red streaks throughout it, has a side fringe, dark brown eyes that are always showing some kind of emotion, has long eyelashes, pale skin that tans easily, 5'4 and skinny. Clothes-wears anything girly/punk rock. She loves wearing some stuff with hello kitty or Jack the pumpkin king. She also always wears a black head band in her hair and always wears a silver heart shaped necklace. Personality-nice once you get to know her, giggly, shy sometimes, smart, hyper, always gets her way, comes up with good ideas, gives good advice, loves to talk, grumpy when tired, can have a potty mouth, a party animal, lovable, loves to give hugs, funny, and is jumpy. Anything else-really loves music, one of her nicknames is Baby Doll because when she wears makeup she looks like a doll, and loves roses. Hope this helps