Review for Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

(#) MCRmilify 2012-01-04

I really love that Pete is an actual character, not just the loving boyfriend. He makes mistakes sometimes, but he always has good intentions. I don't exactly love the way he deals with Mikey's issues, but it's better than not dealing with them at all.
Oh and as for the last chapter, not crap at all, wonderful as always :]
at first (I can't remember which chapter this was :s) I was really excited 'cause Mikey almost sort of kinda taking himself into consideration and I almost got up and sang, or whatever people do when they're really happy.
It was just one tiny little thought of a fictional character, but it made me so happy.
I hope Mikey doesn't have to go to the hospital...
I hope there aren't more conflicts at Pete's house.
Thank you for writing :]
I really don't know how I write reviews, mostly all that goes through my head after reading is a large line of keysmashes, but that probably wouldn't convey much...

Author's response

With Pete I wanted to make him seem like the perfect boyfriend at first, but then I wanted to make him seem more human in the respect that he does have a few flaws, but he does love Mikey and just wants to deal with Mikey's problems.
Thank you very much; I'm so pleased that you thought the last chapter was alright!
I'm really pleased that some part of this story made you happy, I'm more used to being told that what I write is sad/depressing so it's really nice to hear that it evoked positive emotion for once!
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)