Review for I Fucking Hate My Life

I Fucking Hate My Life

(#) dollypin 2012-01-05

My best friend is in a similar situation to yours. She was 17 when she had her first kiss. She wasn't alllowed out of house unless it was to school or grinds we took together, occansionally to the cinema.
The point I'm trying to make is her parents were disgusted with any type of sexual relationship. She was straight but I hate to think how her parents would have felt if she wasn't.
My childhood consisted of a lot of underaged drinking and partying that introduced me into a lifestyle I'd have been happier to ignore the exsistence of. I was defiantly pushed into a dark place that began to ruin my life and considerable amount of my new found friends.
My friend remained separated from this life, although she wished she could go to the parties and drink but now when we both look back on it we've come to the conclusion that her sheltered life set her up for a far more successful life.
I owe my life to her, she was the only one sober enough to pull me out. Trust me some many people sit at home in abosolute hell. It will come to some purpose, you might end up saving someone.
If you don't like something, change it ¥
Eva xo