Review for Our Own Fairy Tale

Our Own Fairy Tale

(#) NuuoaEclaire 2006-10-19

NO you stole my idea before I could write it! (Don't worry. Lol) At first I was miffed because it sounded a lot like chapter 28 of Awake in a dream... 'And Atlanta could've been wrong, but she didn't think the princesses' hands were calloused. She didn't think the prince had purple hair. And she defiantly didn't believe she had fallen in love at first sight.'
But I'm ok now. It took a different road and all's good. So don't feel bad!

On another note it was well done. I enjoyed the approch you took and did well on your skills. Sorry about your wrist. Good job. -Nuuoa Eclaire

Author's response

Sorry Bout stealing your idea. I promise that I did not take this from your story. Glad you thought it was well writen.