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Personal Stories?

(#) Gerard_inspires_me 2012-01-05

Name:Alanna Monroe

Personality:Shes quiet in most situations, shy even. until you pull out her headphones and open her up. Then Shes loud and shes even kind of obnoxious. (a lot like Billie actually... except she hates to hurt people and is very calm in situations of conflict)

Looks:Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, a little pudgy. She wears wire-rimmed glasses when too lazy to wear her contacts (which really is alot). Lots of Skinnies and band t-shirts.

Favorite Quote: "theres nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how goo you are at it"-Billie Joe

Era (which do you want): high school

Love Interest (one of the guys, YOUR CHOICE, and OPTIONAL): Mike :)

Problems: Shes preggo from her last BF and is very wary of anything with an interest in her. She is insecure at the second, and needs a shoulder to lean on. all of her friends deserted her, her boyfriend killed himself and shes about 3 or 4 months along when thy meet. Mike fits said description. Billie bugs her, but she loves him anyway! and Tre becomes like her little bro :)

How do they deal with it:Alanna won't let Mike do anything to help her out at first and then they all get closer. Tre becomes like her little brother, Billie and her are like those friends who love to poke fun at each other, but don't really piss each other off. They get to dating... and you can decide the end... surprise meh!

heck deviate from what I've given you! just have fun with it!

Author's response

Okay, sounds awsome...i will put one up...that is really good insperation (might be a bit longer than I said..hehe i lied)