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Personal Stories?

(#) gunpowderandlead 2012-01-05

Name: Analeigh Blackburn

Personality: Outgoing, expressive, goofy, a little slow, hyper, caring, thoughtful, opinionated. Doesn't like being bossed around and will tell you when you're wrong. Quite intelligent. Mostly calm, not a good fighter and likes to keep the peace. Slightly hippie-ish.

Looks: Long pin straight ebony black hair with a fringe that parts to the side. Mostly worn in a side braid. 5'6. Slender frame. Honey colored eyes. Cartilage pierced. Earth tone colors for make up and usually dons a hot pink lip stick. Australian.

Favorite Quote: I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand. - Confucius.

Era (which do you want): American Idiot.

Love Intrest (one of the guys, YOUR CHOICE, and OPTIONAL): Tre

Problems: In an abusive relationship.

How do they deal with it : Denies it, pretends everything is fine and her boyfriend really loves her. Tre makes her realize she has a problem facing the truth.

Sorry if this isn't good, I tried lol.

Author's response

hey, its good...I will try and post it asap,