Review for An Apology And A Question

An Apology And A Question

(#) monstrice901 2012-01-09

Sorry 'bout your Grandad, but congrats on the engagement! That's life I guess - give a little, take a little!

But anyway, enough of my philosophical bullshit, personally I'd love you to either carry on Confessions of A Dacryphiliac (I don't even know what that means) or The Incubus. They're both epic, and have potential for Frerardy-ness. Which is always good! Although, I'd stick to finishing the stories you're writing at the moment before starting anything new. S'up to you though.

And can I just ask - how can you think no one cares about your stories? They are ALL amazing! I also think you're probably one of the most popular authors on the site, based on how many people I've seen with you or your stories in their favourites. Just saying.

Oh and what's the thing about the Torture story? It better not be discontinued, 'cos I love it WAY too much. How sick minded is that...? Meh. But don't end it!!! I'm begging youuuuu!

Ok, I'm done with the over dramatics, good luck with life and update soon!