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Perfectly Imperfect

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-09

I don't like Gerard, but I do at the same time. I just don't know what to feel about him, but I really like the way he's written and the way he acts works really well in this story. I hate when he acts like he knows what's best for Mikey. He doesn't know at all. If Mikey is still stuttering around him, that obviously means something and they don't talk enough for Gerard to know exactly how deep his insecurities go. There's more to his insecurity than just his scar and his stuttering. He should know that. I was really shocked to see what Gerard thought about him. 
Maybe he's so cruel about Mikey having a relationship with someone because he's known Mikey all his life, and he still doesn't have the relationship he desires with him, so he feels that nobody else is able to have a relationship with Mikey. Maybe it's worse and he really believes that Mikey isn't exactly worthy of anyone's love and isn't trying to make himself believe that nobody could fall in love with him. That's basically what he said. I couldn't tell you why I like him though. Maybe it's because he's got the potential to be a really great brother, probably just as good as before his alcohol addiction. My dislike for him is definitely stronger than my like for him right now. I was disgusted at what he said about his brother. Just the fact that you could bring up such emotion in a reader really says that you're a wonderful author. And how dare Gerard say he was honest about all the things he yelled at Mikey??? How is any of it true? He says it's because of his fear of leaving him alone, so maybe if he wasn't afraid he'd have no problem leaving him alone, and also it's not Mikey's fear of being alone. Yes, he's afraid of being laughed at and pointed at, but... I don't know. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I just don't like that Gerard said all that. Also, Gerard sounds very vain here. He says that Mikey wants nothing more than his praise and affection. Well, I guess thats what it seems to Gerard, but he so obviously doesn't know how insecure Mikey is because Mikey just wants to be a good brother. Maybe it's different because I know how Mikey sees it. He just wants to be a good little brother because Gerard is always so "honest" about how he's such a bad brother. I think I'm just looking for reasons not to like Gerard, but that tiny bit of hope that Gerard'll stop acting like that. The phone call was really interesting. I'd like to see what else Pete says. Despite all that I think, I would like to read option 2. It sounds really interesting. Well, great job. This was very well written and I love this. I  like the way he's written and it is a really great fit for the story, I just don't know if I actually like him or not. Beautiful job. 

Author's response

I'm pleased that you're kind of unsure about how you feel about Gerard, I kinda wanted to create a sense of uncertaintity about him.
Your interpritation (excuse my spelling) of this chapter is spot on to what I was hoping it would come through as; Gerard really has no clue at all when it comes to what's best for Mikey. He should know that it isn't just outer things (i.e. his scar) that make him insecure, it's what people (including Gerard) have convinced him of in the past too. I totally get what you're saying about Gerard's reasoning for being cruel about Mikey having a relationship. I'm glad that you think Gerard has potential to be a good big brother, if only he could just open his eyes to what's going on around him.
Thank you sooooo much; I'm really chuffed that you think this brought emotion.
I didn't really realise it when I wrote it, but now that you mention Gerard was being extremely vain in this chapter in assuming that his praise is all that Mikey wants.
Option two is what I shall do, it has majority vote and I was kinda dying to write that one anyway. Just remember this; it's not gonna be a walk in the park in a few chapters time...
Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a nice and detailed review; it really does mean a lot to me! :)