Review for Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

(#) TrekQueen 2006-10-20

HUGS Absolute love, yu made it even better. I was indeed curious how it would go with Tidus seeing Auron since you used to have Paine as the third member of the party. Gotta say this was the best part: "Rikku was dancing around him like a drunken hornet, keeping enemies at bay with a haphazard spray of sparklers and small explosives." I just rolled over laughing because that was very Rikku. Hehe. Plus you got Tidus' silly sayings dead on. ^_^

Author's response

Heh. Actually, the story originally didn't have Paine either, because I wrote the core of it after finishing FFX in a fit of "wahh!" I stuck Paine in before posting the rough draft because I'd played X-2 by then, but in the process of making it coherent I realized that by this time, according to the X-2 timeline, Yuna and Tidus were back together. I have a little trouble writing the poor guy. Hopefully not too much.

And this is where passing bystanders recoil in horror from the story...