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Perfectly Imperfect

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-12

This is great!! I haven't commented in a while, which is really due to the fact that I've been swamped with homework and that I've been studying like crazy because midterms are coming up soon, but I have been given a break and I am back with my review-typing fingers and my fanfiction-reading eyes! Anyway, I really liked that this was in Gerard's point of view. He's the reason why all of these bad things keep happening and doesn't want to put himself at fault for that, maybe because he doesn't want to accept it or maybe he just really doesn't know it. It's always really interesting to see how he thinks and how nothing ever works out for him. I kind of feel sorry for him, but my anger outweighs that because he was a total jerk to Mikey. I feel sorry that the only thing he really wants is for Mikey to see him as a big brother. The kind he can run to if he has a problem and the kind that just looks out for him. They can barely even talk without Mikey stuttering up a storm and they can't hug or do normal brotherly things without Mikey pulling away. He's frightened of Gerard, and I'm sorry that that's the way it is, but it is the way it us because Gerard is a frightening person. He tries, sometimes his hardest, sometimes not, but it never works for him. You never know what he could do or say, and hr let's his temper get out of control. Sometimes I think his own problems, are just as bad as Mikey's. Never worse though. He doesn't have to deal with a brother who's words hurt just as much as his fists did and he doesn't have to deal with a short tempered, irrational jerk. Sure, Mikey may not think this, but it's the truth. Well, maybe he does but he doesn't want to believe it because that means he'll be a bad brother and all he ever wanted was to be a good little brother.  I'm glad Pete punched Gerard. He deserves it whenever he talks to Mikey that way. Why can't Gerard get it through his head that someone really does love Mikey and aren't just going to use him? Is it impossible to love someone who has a few things wrong with them?? Well, obviously not if Frank loves Gerard. Gerard is so unfair to Mikey. I'm mad at him. While it's never surprising that he will take things too far, that's just who he is, the things he says to his brother always shock and disgust me. I'm also glad Frank can tell Gerard when he's not needed or wanted. I'm glad at least someone was able to make him go away. I hope Gerard doesn't do anything stupid after he goes for a drink. I'll be even more angry with him. I mean, I love the way you write him out and he was the nicest brother ever it wouldn't fit in this story, but his behavior disgusts me. Your writing really amazes me. You have an incredible ability, and when you write I kind of forget that it's just a story. I get so wrapped up in it. This was a wonderful, fabulous, terrific job. Also, sorry that you've had a bad day. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. 

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm really glad that you think this chapter was alright!
Don't worry about not commenting, just the fact that you take the time to review any of the crap that I write is more than enough. Good luck with your midterms, I've got my science and English and History GCSEs coming up next week so I feel your pain. It's great to have you back!
I'm pleased that you liked that this was from Gerard's perspective, I wanted to use that to make it look like he isn't just being a dick (which he kinda is), that he does have some sort of twisted reasoning behind it. I'm pleased that you found it interesting, I was worried that it was all dragged out and boring. All Gerard really wants is for him and Mikey to go back to how things were before he started drinking, something which will be extremely hard (maybe even impossible) to make happen largely because Mikey is so frightened of Gerard. Like you said, Mieky can barely talk around Gerard without stuttering and Gerard can't just go up to him and hug him whenever he wants without making Mikey jump half a mile. It is definitely Gerard's fault that his relationship with Mikey turned out this way and I think that he kind of knows that, but not fully and just doesn't want to accept it.
I think that, deep down, Mikey does think all of those things you said about Gerard but because of what's happened in the past, he feels like he can't think them because that would mean being a bad little brother.
Gerard definitely deserved that punch from Pete, at least now Gerard kinda see that Pete isn't just some user.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely, friendly, detailed review; I can honestly not describe how much it means to me! :)