Review for Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

(#) MCRmilify 2012-01-13

Can we just sew his mouth shut?
We can give him a little feeding tube and teach him sign language and bind his hands when he's upset...
Gerard needs to stop blaming other people for shit he does, and Mikey needs to stop blaming himself for shit other people have done.
Frank is pretty much perfect. Except he's not aggressive enough. But then Gerard would get angry with him really fast and they'd break up and that is no bueno.
Pete is a beautiful being. He has slight anger issues, but I'm glad he punched Gerard. Gerard even knew he deserved it. I'm really glad he controlled himself so well.
The previous chapter, when Mikey and Pete were being unbearably adorable, I squeaked. Well, it was more than a squeak...
It sounded like a strangled cat.
I literally couldn't deal with the cute.
I burst out laughing and had to take a little break to compose myself... I probably would have seemed insane, laughing like a madwoman, alone in my room...
I love this whole story so much. It's really sad, but in a good way.
I mean, a thoughtful way. It's not just sad to be sad, it's emotional and insightful.

Author's response

I really like your idea of sewing his mouth shut; it would definitely have prevented a lot of bad shit from happening.
You're absolutely right about how Mikey needs to stop blaming what other people do on himself and Gerard needing to stop trying to shift the blame.
With Pete punching Gerard I wanted to show that Pete is definitely not afraid to use violence when it comes to looking out for Mikey and that Gerard did feel genuinely bad about what he said.
I'm really pleased that you thought the last chapter was cute; I don't want the entirety of this story to be all doom and gloom.
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review; it really does help me write! :)