Review for Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-15

You're talking nonsense. This couldn't be any more amazing if it tried!!! This was a fabulous story, and I loved it to pieces. All the ups and downs. All the regret and love and cruelty. That is what makes this one of the best stories I've ever read. And you're writing is vivid and descriptive and emotional, all things that writing should be. I don't know why you worry so much about this and that, I think you have such an amazing skill and talent and you really know how to create all these different emotions in a reader, but I guess that worry and doubt will always be there when you're as good a writer as you are. If there was ever a time that I felt so sad to see a fic go, it is nothing compared to this. But at least I can see more of your writing and that makes me not so sad. The ending was fabulous. It couldn't go on forever, and I thought this was a really smart way to end it. It's just enough to let us know that Gerard probably won't say anything mean to Mikey again and that they'll patch things up. For real this time and with real effort. Not too quickly, but at a speed that is reasonable for both Gerard and Mikey. And Pete and Frank will be there to help. Frank really is a miracle worker. He's been there for a lot and he knows that they don't always do things like brothers should and he really knows what to do to make them better. And Pete will now be there to learn from him. I really liked that Gerard got to see Pete kiss Mikey before, and it's really nice that this time he let's them have their moment without yelling nasty things at him. 
I'm kind of proud of both Gerard and Mikey. Gerard for apologizing and really getting through to Mikey, and Mikey for not stuttering and even asking for food. Those things really do let us know that they're going to do much better. And third time really is the charm. At first, Gerard was going to confront him about their mother's birthday, which I like to believe would have led to him apologizing about not coming to him in the first place and he sees Mikey and Pete in a curious situation and Mikey is called horrendous names by his own brother. Next, when Pete and Mikey come back so Pete can be reintroduced and he can see how good he is for Mikey and possibly apologize for being such a jerk, he once again calls Mikey names, which leads us to where we are now. Gerard has been gone for three and when be comes back, for a third try at apologizing correctly, he gets it right this time. That's what I mean by third time's the charm. And I really liked that Gerard really got to think about where he and Mikey stand now and where they stood in the past. Their lives are separated into before and after abuse. After he said all those things about Mikey he'd briefly think about how distant they've become, but now he knows that they barely even know each other anymore, and he's really going to work to make them better this time. I loved that feeling I got whenever I finished a chapter and I'd be all excited and I couldn't wait to see what was put up next, even if sometimes I wasn't looking forward to the day itself. I'm glad I got to go along for the ride with this.  I really love your writing and this story. They're both terrific and wonderful and just beautiful and I'll definitely be sure to read "Guardian Ghost" as well. This was just amazing. I love it. 

Author's response

Aw, wow, THANK YOU soooo much! I'm so pleased that you liked this story, it really does mean a lot to me! I honestly don't know what I can say to make you see how grateful I am that you'd take the time to leave such a detailed and lovely review, it really is overwhelming!
Your interpretation is spot on! I really wanted to show that, whilst things are definitely better after Gerard's apology, they still have work to do if they're going to heal but they will get there, slowly and at a pace that suits them. Frank is pretty much a god and Pete and Gerard can learn from him about how to help Mikey. I'm relieved that you liked the kiss, I really wasn't sure if it seemed out of place, so to hear that you liked it is really encouraging!
I wanted the whole Mikey-asking-for-food thing to show that things are definitely looking up for them, that things can definitely get better so I hope that came across. I see what you mean about the third time is the charm, it wasn't inteded but now that you mention it three has been a bit of a lucky number. Gerard really will be trying harder this time, definitely.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely and detailed review; it really does motivate me to write! :)