Review for Short exerpt from Painting of a Pomegranate

Short exerpt from Painting of a Pomegranate

(#) herk444 2006-10-20

Woah. That was scarey. Like, really scarey.

Very well written however. The only problem that I could find were unclear brakes inbetween the perspectives of the person whom is with Ewen and the mother and daughter. Otherwise, kudos.



Author's response

yah, i fixed it now. i have no idea how to work that italics thing. i mean, i tried it, but then the whole thing was slanted....i didn't think it would be scary....okay, yes, there are suicidal thoughts....and vampires.....okay, i suppose it could scare some people. anyhowz, thanks for the review, herkie. maybe i'll start writing the actual story ^^

love ya back,