Review for Hero


(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-01-16

Hell yes I rated! (unless it didn't go through, cause that's happened before)
Creepy stalker tomato mode ON! I actually, legitimately yelled "FUCK YEA" when I saw you had updated... I think my siblings even heard me through the walls... Needless (well, actually I need to) say, I really liked this chapter. Frank gets into a fight? Woot! Frank gets in a fight, goes super bitch on a bunch of rich snobs? Woot woot HELLs to the YEA! I like, fucking love you we should get married! (I'm not sure if I could be considered a stalker then.... So maybe not) I want your wonderful Frerard babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (coughs)
Um. Yea, I think you should update now and we NEEED to learn about Gerard! Does he have homophobe parents? Dish! Well, write it in the next chapter that you will no doubt fill with wonderful words of awesome! Yes, I wear my stalker badge with pride when it concerns you because you're so deliciously stalk able!!!!!!!!
Did I mention how this was a triple shot of awesome? Like, I'm more hyper because of this that I am when I drink a cup of coffee! (I don't drink coffee very often, though)
You need to update before I die. Because I really do just think this is perfect.