Review for Guardian Ghost

Guardian Ghost

(#) fearsgottahold 2012-01-16

Wowowowowowowowowowowow. It may be possible that I like this fic more than I like your old one. No actual shit. I have a thing for supernatural fics:3 but wow, I love how up himself Frank is, and how creepy, but cool Gerard is (I'm well glad you managed to get him in there) and mikey is just a babe. Yep, I'm loving this fic, and its only on chapter one. Please update soon you loveable person!:D

Author's response

Thank you soooo much; I'm really glad that you like this!
I've never written a supernatural fic before, so I hope that I'm doing it alright. I was worried that I didn't do a good job with Frank and that his up-himself-ness didn't work, so I'm very happy that you liked that aspect of it!
I'll try to update tonight.
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)