Review for Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

(#) TheAnonymous 2012-01-22

Welcome! Here is my audition!

Part you want:Little sister

Name(full): Envy Rachel Summers

Nickname(s): En

Age(15-17): Well this is for the little sister and your character is 15 so I'll make her 12

Height: 4'9


Skin tone: Pale

Eye color: A really deep sea blue

Eye shape: Doe

Hair color: Light Brown

Hair style: Long, wavy and in her face all the time. Likes to wear ponytails a lot too.

Tattoos/piercings: none

Face shape: Heart

Lip shape: Cupid's Bow

Makeup: Really only some mascara

Nose shape: Small and sloped

Freckles/Scars/etc: Has some freckles and s small scar on her right shoulder

Sexual orientation: Straight

Family: You, I guess, and grandparents

Allergies: Peanuts

Health problems: Asthma, Heart arrhythmia

Phobias/fears: Fear of being the center of attention and the last person on the planet.

Likes: Reading, drawing/painting, climbing trees, silence, animals, playing and listening to music.

Dislikes: Being around a lot of people, speaking in public or to people she doesn't know. Also dislikes fighting.

Personality: Quiet, timid girl who doesn't really like to be in front of people. Very creative and artistic, but also appears very apathetic.

Bad habits:Biting nails (all the time) Shaking (when nervous)

Usual clothing: Jeans, Short/long sleeve shirts, converse, hoodies.

Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Single

Do you have a phone?: Yes, but she doesn't use it very much

Phone type: Just a crappy little flip phone

Ringtone: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Favorite movie: Cast Away

Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.):N/A

How do you handle stressful situations?: Usually just staying quiet and letting the other person get what they want.

How emotional are you?: Numb, hides emotions.

Favorite song:Across The Universe by The Beatles

Things you dislike about your body: Pale, I guess

Stuff they do to pass time: Read, draw/paint, listen to music

Stuff they do when no one's around: Sing, write fairytales

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite color: Yellow

Something bad that happened in your life: Parents died

How we met: Siblings... so you have always know each other.

How close are we: Very close

Thank you for considering my audition, can't wait to read your story.