Review for Guardian Ghost

Guardian Ghost

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-22

This isn't bad at all! I really like this. I know I've been terrible at reviewing lately, but it's not because I don't like this, it's really quite the opposite, it's just that I've been busy with school work and studying and stuff. I really do love this story. Anyway, I liked that there's so many cool things about being a ghost in this story. You can haunt people and blow stuff up and appear wherever you wish just by closing your eyes and thinking about where you want to be. It's not just being able follow people around. I really liked that. I also liked that Gerard knows that underneath Frank's tough, arrogant attitude, he really is confused and needs someone who knows him for who he is. He needs Mikey and Mikey needs him, but Frank cares so much about what others think of him that he just can't bring himself to talk to Mikey. Well, at least he was feeling just as bad as Mikey when he was in his room. I really like that in this story Mikey is the one that isn't going to change just because people don't like him. It's usually Frank, but it's a nice change that Mikey shows his true self and isn't afraid to be who he is. If people don't like him then people don't like him and he accepts that. Unlike Frank. When one person didn't say more than a few words and didn't look at him he went all crazy on them. He really does want to help Mikey, but he feels like he can't because he's got a life that every teen wants and Mikey's got a life that nobody would think of in their worst nightmare and people with Frank's life aren't supposed to even look at people like Mikey. Except, Frank doesn't need to look at him because he probably has Mikey's face memorized already. Anyway, the point is that Frank is the most popular kid in school and Mikey got beat up on his first day and Frank was being too much of a coward to protect him. At least he's feeling guilty and is almost as bad as Mikey probably is with the crying. And I'm glad Gerard isn't too afraid to tell Frank the truth. I guess he has to because they aren't going to get anywhere if he doesn't. I'm also glad that Frank isn't afraid to show Gerard that he really can be there for Mikey, even if he can only do so in the comfort of his home. Gerard might need a bit more work with Frank, but at least he knows that Frank really does care. He also knows that he's afraid of other people's opinions and no matter how many times he can say everybody loves him, he knows how teens work and he knows that they can all turn on him for helping Mikey. He's probably so accustomed to life as The Frank Iero and not just Frank that he wouldn't know what to do without it. Well, this was great as always. And fearsgottahold speaks words of wisdom. Short chapter better than no chapter. This was an amazing chapter and this story is fabulous. I love it. And happy birthday. I hope you have a great birthday. 

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm extremely pleased that you like this! Don't worry about not reviewing, I completely understand about being busy!
I wanted being a ghost something that is both a gift and a curse to Gerard; a curse because it means that he can't physically be a brother to Mikey but a also a gift because he can do all of this cool stuff due to the fact that he's dead.
I'm glad that you get what I'm trying to do with Frank; he may act arrogant, but really he is just scared of what other people think. And with Mikey it's the opposite, he might be a little scared of how people treat him because he acts like who he is, but that doesn't stop him from being that person. I'm not sure if that made any shade of sense, but oh well.
Frank really is feeling guilty about not helping Mikey, he just needs to use this opportunity to make up for it. Gerard understands how Frank is thinking, but that doesn't stop him from using the harshness of the truth to make Frank be what Gerard and Mikey need Frank to be.
Thank you very, VERY much for taking the time to leave such a friendly and detailed review! :)