Review for Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

Hai you guise:3 Audition time? Audition time.

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-01-22

Part you want:Best Friend, or anything your choice
Name(full):Benjamine Alexandra Mynroe
Nickname(s): Benji, Ben (closest friends and family only) B
Skin tone:Kind of tanned but more or less pale
Eye color: Blue almost silver
Eye shape:Medium and kind of wide
Hair color:Black and Red, naturally brown
Hair style: Worn in spikes that go around the edges
Tattoos/piercings: Lip, has 'Evil Angel' on her left wrist, has the lyrics 'Firefly, Can you shine your light?' on her right wrist
Face shape: Longer
Lip shape:your choice (idk how to explain it)
Makeup:Doesn't wear it very often, but when she does, usually grey, and blue eyeshadow
Nose shape: Smaller, but not tiny
Freckles/Scars/etc: Freckels along her and under her eyes, has a scar on her foot from an accident when hse was 3
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Family: Mother- Taylyn (30) Father- Peter (32) and brother and sister (twins) Winston and Natilie (5)
Allergies: Salt water, she will get really bad hives
Health problems: Has panic attacks, insomnia,
Phobias/fears: Really, really high heights, venomous snakes,
Likes: Has an intrest in death, paranormal, music, her friends, and boyfriend (but not clingy to him), bright colours
Dislikes: Backstabbers, people who judge her from her past, snobs, bitches, people who cling to their boyfriend or girlfriend
Personality: Caring, and has been to the deepest low, isn't afraid to fight, won't let anyone hurt or annoy her friends, outgoing
Bad habits: Plays with her lip ring, digs her nails in her palms if she gets nervous or an akward silence
Usual clothing: Band t-shirts (Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Marianas Trench, Four Nights Gone, that kind of stuff) bright coloured skinny jeans, converse high tops with bright laces
Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Mikey Way please :3
Do you have a phone?: Yes
Phone type: Blackberry
Ringtone: Firefly - Breaking Benjamin
Favorite movie: Nightmare on Elm Stree (older ones)
Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Cousins with Bob Bryar
How do you handle stressful situations?: She usually keeps it in, gets mad, trys to sleep it off (
How emotional are you?: Not that emotional except when she breaks down, then it is bad
Favorite song: either Evil Angel or Firefly both by Breaking Benjamin
Things you dislike about your body: Stomach, thighs
Stuff they do to pass time: Listen to music, zones out, doodles
Stuff they do when no one's around: Dance like a retard, singing more like screaming
Favorite holiday: Either halloween or christmas
Favorite color: Black and Red (together)
Something bad that happened in your life: Tried to commit suicide
How we met: Our parents were friends and they re-connected and we met through that
How close are we: Pretty close

Hope this helps, idc if I make it, I am going to read this
and good luck, sounds interesting