Review for What Is Love?

What Is Love?

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-01-22

Okay! Proper review!

Gah! It's so.... I don't know! Good! Exciting! Addicting! I want to know more.... Why oh why you insist on teasing me so, I don't know!

For some reason I just wanted to jump in and knock some sense into Kade! Lying to Spencer? Who would do such a thing?! (Then again, I can't really talk... I made Lou lie to Spencer in More Than You Know, so I guess we're even.) but seriously. What will it take for her to realize that Spencey likes her for the way she is?? I think its time to bring in Ryan and Jon on this matter. I have no clue what the hell they would do, but Ryan's smart, isn't he? He could be like, all Confucius and say to Kade, "Don't worry young grasshopper,". Or, he could do a psyhiatrist or something and do the whole, "Uh huh. And how do you feel about that?" I know. They are both ridiculously stupid ideas, but hey! I know it would get a laugh outta me!

Now... sighs Back to waiting for the next chapter...

Author's response

Haha, well thank you very much... I could say the same about your fanfic. ;kdjf;adklfjads;f I'm so excitedly waiting for an update! I want to know what happens! (sorry lol, small rant done. It's just quite addicting and so very different)

LMFAO, I really really really loved reading that. Don't worry young grasshopper. Hahahaha. I laughed. Hard. I loved it.

Thank you. =) I'm trying to get an update out tonight.