Review for Finding Jared

Finding Jared

(#) vevus 2012-01-23

I loved your story, but honestly, i have to admit Jared completely ruined it. You had begun a perfect relationship between Shannon and Skyla, and just ruined for no reason / i can´t see a reason why it all turned out/. But anyway, i read this because it was good, something different. But,you slipped to cliché right now, and there is nothing interesting for me anymore.

Author's response

I'm getting reading for school, but I'm trying (TRYING) to write a sequel for this. It isn't finished yet, Chapter 20 has like a paragraph done because I've been so busy with family emergencies, but I have a list of plots made out for the sequel and I am planning on going with one if it kills me. I didn't like putting Jared & Skyla together either; I loved being the oddball and having Shan & Skyla together. That's why I have the sequel coming up, it'll make you more antsy. So just tune back in in about 5 chapters (probably a month?) and I'll maybe have the sequel done.

So if you're still interested in reading, I have chapters 20&21 finished. I just have to edit them for ficwad & do all the italics (because I love italics) and stuff. Also, the whole cliché thing is just a temp. I'm definitely putting Skyla & Shan back together in time for my sequel.