Review for On Fan Fiction: A Memoir of the Craft

On Fan Fiction: A Memoir of the Craft

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-01-24

I see a lot of myself in your story there Lornaigh. Writing is what I do. Period.

I still remember transitioning from sane person to basket case at thirteen when I discovered P!ATD fan fiction. (Need I mention I did not swear at all and then by fourteen, my first year of high school, (I am now sixteen and completing my last year), 'fucking' or 'fuck' was just about every other word out of my mouth when I was with my three guy friends, the only ones I have to this day.) I still recall the first smut scene I read, the first website I joined, that I hated because it was shit might I add, before I found my niche here at FicWad.

Hell, you know what else, what you say is very true. At age eight in the third grade I knew I wanted to write for a living. Then as my interests expanded I suppose I forgot that passion for awhile. I was fifteen when I truly rediscovered it after I signed up to FicWad. Your work is what did it for me. You gave me my passion back and I wish I could thank you in person for it. That dedication in my novel to you isn't much but it's something you know.

I am author and I am damn well determined to devoting my life to my craft.

-Adnarim Smada