Review for Guardian Ghost

Guardian Ghost

(#) GallonsOfBlood 2012-01-26

I love the way Mikey actually seems to see the bad in Frank. Maybe I'm still too caught up in your old story Mikey, but I like the way he knows not everyone is perfect and that Frank can be an actual bad person.

I can't wait for the next chapter :)
And seriously? You don't need tips on how to improve, because really, your writing is at the same level (maybe better) than plenty of authors of real books that I've read. Just keep it up! (In a failed attempt not to sound like a school report sigh)

Author's response

I think that I'm still a little bit caught up in old story Mikey too, I often find myself referring back to how he was in my past stories when I'm writing him in this.
The next chapter will be up tonight.
Aw, thank you so, sooo, soooooooo very much; it's extremely kind of you to say such nice things about my writing!
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :)