Review for Possible hiatus/mindless rambling...

Possible hiatus/mindless rambling...

(#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2012-01-26

I don't know what to say, honestly. The most coherent thought I have after reading that is "My best friend is leaving?!" :(

Author's response

I'm not permenately leaving. I was going to kill myself earlier then I thought 'What about Bec? What about Christian? What's going to happen to all of my reviewers and my stories? I don't want to go yet, I haven't figured out what happens in The Runaway Returns.'

I'm only going to be gone for a few days, maybe a week, a week and a half at most. I promise. I might not update for a while, but I'll definitely be reviewing and reading your stories.

I wrote this in the heat of the moment and wasn't thinking about anyone else's feelings but my own(which I seem to do a lot). I was pissed off and upset. I'm calmed down now that Christian, Izzy, and Andy called and talked to me. Izzy and Andy are my other friends.

I promise I'm not leaving anytime soon; I just won't be updating for a while. I'm definitely reviewing all of your work though:)