Review for Don't Let Them Win

Don't Let Them Win

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-30

This isn't bad at all!!! I really like this. This poem really means a lot. You live life with people telling you all these hurtful things, but then on the other side you have family and people telling you that it's not true. That the people who say those things have insecurities of their own and deal with it by putting people like you down. They tell you that you're the complete opposite of what those bullies say and that they're liars. Somewhere along the line, you can't help but think that you're family is telling you nonsense. You start to believe the things the bullies say about you. You can't listen to those people who tell you you're not as bad as the bully thinks. They've become the liars. It doesn't matter what you're family says because family is supposed to say that stuff anyway. It only matters what the other kids think because they have the biggest impact on you. They know what cool is, and you just don't fit into that category, so they have some sort of right to make sure you know that you're different, so you need together bullied. Sometimes you really just need to believe what you're family tell you. It really is the truth. Other people may think so too, they can't be the only ones. You've got to believe that someone, whoever it is, really does think you're great. Really believes that you're better than what you yourself might think. It makes a world of difference when you know that someone cares about you knowing who you really are on the inside. And that person is amazing and wonderful and is undeserving of all the treatment they receive. They just need to let themselves believe. Well, I thought this was amazing. Well, just about everything you write is amazing. I really like to read your poetry. It flows well, expresses immense amounts of emotion, and it really just makes me think about my own ex

Author's response

Thank you so, soooo, sooooooo very much; I'm really glad that you like this!
I honestly don't know what I can add to what you have just said other than I don't think that anyone could have put all that you have just said better. You're absolutely right; people just need to let themselves believe.
Thank you very much; I'm pleased that you like my poetry because I think it's the thing that I enjoy writing the most (it's the easiest thing to write anyway).