Review for The Harry Potter Liberation Front

The Harry Potter Liberation Front

(#) 1529 2012-02-01

I will admit to not caring for this story much at all, but I am an avid fan of H/Hr and a hater of H/G... and the concept of Harry Parvati is not much different than H/G or the speed you speak of with H/Hr (at least Harry and Hermione are close friends who appreciate each other... at least until the mess that is the final two books). That being said, the story is well written and I can see Hermione possibly considering something like this for those who abuse house-elves (not Harry), I don't really see it happening.

Overall, good story, but not really enjoyable from my point of view...

Author's response

I appreciate you taking the time to give me a thoughtful review, especially considering the fact that I bashed one of your favorite characters. This story doesn't reflect my attitude towards Hermione (or Ginny, for that matter), but it was a lot of fun to write. Probably the most attention house-elves will ever get in any of my stories, since I hate writing their dialog.