Review for "Be My Detonator."

"Be My Detonator."

(#) TheLittleSinner 2012-02-01

Um. Hello there. So Uh. I've been a mega-rucking-huge fan of your work for Uh... QUITE a bit of time, but I've never commented because... Well, I don't know. But whilst I was reading this (absofuckinglutely lovely) update,ni suddenly realized just HOW MANY WAYS the term "fuck" could be used. Sorry, this is hella dorky of me, but can you blame me? I can try to smother up the dork in me with as much eyeliner as I want, but somehow.... Whenever I either watch Doctor Who, or read your brilliant fics, the geek just... Bubbles back up. Over. And. Over. And. Over. And... Yeah. Please update within the neeaar future?