Review for New story. Auditions Wanted!!

New story. Auditions Wanted!!

(#) Ash_Lee14 2012-02-02

Name (full name): Ashlee Carter

Gender: Female

Part: Competitor!

Age (must be 13 or older): 18

Looks is split for detail, I need lots of it.

Hair cut and colour: Short, and Bright red.

Eyes: Big and bright Green, needs glasses, wears contacts

Skin tone: Pale ivory

Body (like height, thin, curvy, short, tall ect): about 5"3 and curvy

Any tattoos or piercings? tattoo on her right wrist reading 'Do or Die You'll Never Make Me Because The World Will Never Take My Heart' (spirals round the wrist, getting gradually further away)
ears pierced, and another tattoo on her left forearm reading 'save me from the ones that haunt me in the night' in calligraphy.

Normal everyday clothes/ or clothes you would wear for rehearsing (Must be something comfy and easy to move around in): Band Tee's / tank tops and Skinnies (or shorts with bright tights) stud ear rings
Audition outfit(please include shoes and any jewellery): Simple necklace with treble clef, bangles small scull bracelet (like this one simple yet pretty emerald ear rings, Simple tank top and bomber jacket with skinies, and converse(black)

Audition hairstyle: Down, strait, black alice band.

Performance hairstyle: Curly (tight curls- ish -, looks like a pixie)

And the kind of thing you would wear for live performances (must be different): Like, something floaty, 50's style swing dresses with.. oh i cant explain it... like this and anything else in the vintage section... like the Lana too)

Normal everyday make up: quite plain, foundation to match skin tone, eyeliner on bottom lid, clear lip gloss and very light blue eye shadow

Audition makeup: eyeliner smudged round top eyelid as well as bottom, same foundation as above, a dark pink lip gloss (not to harsh), mascara.

Performance makeup: same foundation thin liquid eyeliner on top of eyelid, mascara, khol eyeliner on bottom lid, little bit of bronzer to highlight cheek bones, a red lip tint, (like the maxfactor lip pen... they smell nice..)

Talent(please, please don`t all chose singing. Can be stuff like dancing, playing an instrument, gymnastics, skateboarding stunts ect. Be imaginative) : In real life i am a singer, so a singer, here, have a cover of Whatsername by Green day:

Why did you enter the competition?: To get known, sick of living in the shadows, better chance of finding a decent band to join... yano

Do you think you have a chance of winning?: would like to think so, but there are so many other really talented people that deserve it!

How competitive are you? Pretty competitive when it gets to it

Who are you biggest supporters and influences: Dad, for being there and getting me into music, and then the music, for keeping me alive

Personality: Bubbley, very hyper most of the time, loves coffee, does have serious points of anxiety and self doubt, likes to make as many friends as possible, tries to be nice to everyone she meets, doesnt like people doing her eye makeup at all.

How would you act if voted out of competition?: disappointed but wouldn't rage, would probably sigh and shrug

What paring out of Frerard, Frikey or Lyn-z and Gerard:? Lyn-z and Gerard, it would be nice to actually have that pairing for once :')

Anything else? not really! but if you need anything just ask! :D

Ahh! whatever the out come, im looking forward to reading it! xxx