Review for New story. Auditions Wanted!!

New story. Auditions Wanted!!

(#) Thank_MCR 2012-02-02

Name(full name): Naomi Sato
Gender: female
Age (must be 13 or older): 14
Looks is split for detail, I need lots of it.
Hair cut and colour: black deathhawk
Eyes: green
Skin tone: PALE
Body (like height, thin, curvy, short, tall ect): tall and thin around 5”11
Any tattoos or piercings? No tattoos yet but 4 ear piercings, 3 bottom lip piercings (snakebits and labret) and medusa (top lip piercing).
Normal everyday clothes/ or clothes you would wear for rehearsing (Must be something comfy and easy to move around in): black skinnies, stripy hoodies, band t-shirts etc.
Audition outfit(please include shoes and any jewellery):
Audition hairstyle: black deathhawk (it just doesn’t change…. :/)
Performance hairstyle: black deathhawk…
And the kind of thing you would wear for live performances (must be different)
Normal everyday make up: Smudgy eyeliner and black eyeshadow
Audition makeup: probably similar to normal makeup, maybe a little red
Performance makeup: Hell yes Frank Iero Revenge Era makeup. Maybe not as extreme, but similar
Talent(please, please don`t all chose singing. Can be stuff like dancing, playing an instrument, gymnastics, skateboarding stunts ect. Be imaginative) : Singing… and I play bass but sadly, I think I’d only audition for singing… I’m also a screamer, (screamo music screamer) but that PROBABLY wouldn’t make it anywhere.
Why did you enter the competition? … … … No idea for that. Personally, music is my whole life, but for the character you can choose whatever you want.
Do you think you have a chance of winning? Probably not.
How competitive are you? VERY.
Who are you biggest supporters and influences: Music is a HUGE influence in my life, and my biggest supporter is probably my older brother.
Personality: I’ve got the additude of a drag queen. Not. Even. Kidding.
How would you act if voted out of competition? I’d be okay with it. No Rachel Crowe here.
What paring out of Frerard, Frikey or Lyn-z and Gerard:? Frikey…

Anything else you need or i missed, just tell me.