Review for New story. Auditions Wanted!!

New story. Auditions Wanted!!

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-02-02

Name (full name): Benjamine Alexis Mynroe (goes by Benn)
Gender: Female
Part: either Competator or friend (whatever is needed)
Age (must be 13 or older): 15 or 16 please
Looks is split for detail, I need lots of it.
Hair cut and colour: She has it to the middle of her back, cut so it is around her shoulder blades and longer in the middle, has is in 3 layers the top and bottom black while the middle red
Eyes: Silvery-blue, big and doe like
Skin tone: She is kind of pale, but has a natural red tint in her cheeks
Body (like height, thin, curvy, short, tall ect): She is tall (about 5'7") She is thin, but has some curves around her waist and hips
Any tattoos or piercings? She has two hoops on her left side (lip) and has the lryics to 'Firefly' (breaking benjamin) on her right wrist, and Evil Angel on her left, has a punk-ish heart and wings on her back
Normal everyday clothes/ or clothes you would wear for rehearsing (Must be something comfy and easy to move around in): Her favorite pair of red and black plaid pj bottoms and a yellow t-shirt
Audition outfit(please include shoes and any jewellery): A Breaking Benjamin 'Dear Agony' tour t-shirt (tour dates on the back, logo and album art on the front) with a pair of white skinnies that have drawing and lyrics on them (assortments of sharpies), a pair of green ankle high converse with black and yellow laces, she was wearing red hoops (lip piercings), she had her guiatr pick neclace on (Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Simple Plan, Marianas Trench those types of bands picks)
Audition hairstyle: She wore her hair down, and had it curled outwards at the end
Performance hairstyle: She has it messy, and whips it to keep it that way
And the kind of thing you would wear for live performances (must be different) Knee high black converse, with green and pink bright laces, a pair of grey skinnys with a white paint splattered t-shirt, her guitar pick neclace, and a bandanna worn around her left thigh (usually yellow or red)
Normal everyday make up: She doesn't use makeup everyday
Audition makeup: She wore blue eyeliner with blue-ish green eyeshadow
Performance makeup: She wears red and black eyeshadow/eyeliner, while her lips have one black and one red (alternates from which is top and which is bottom)
Talent(please, please don`t all chose singing. Can be stuff like dancing, playing an instrument, gymnastics, skateboarding stunts ect. Be imaginative) : She does either playing bass ans sings (cover songs, mostly Breaking Benjamin) or she does like a break-dancing kind of thing (your choice on which)
Why did you enter the competition? She thought she would try, to have the confidence of making it
Do you think you have a chance of winning? She has low confidence so she was suprised to get in, so she doesnt expect to win, but wants and hopes to
How competitive are you? She is very competitive
Who are you biggest supporters and influences: She was GREATLY influenced by the band Breaking Benjamin (she met them after every concert of theirs, which was about 10 times), her friends Ryden and Shaylee were always and still are there for her (change the names if needed for the friends)
Personality: She is very quiet until you get her to talk, she is caring yet badass and competitive. She wont fangirl in front of her favorite bands if she meets them (she does it after), she treats everyone with respect (even if she dislikes them)
How would you act if voted out of competition? She would be bummed out, but take it as it is, and be happy to get on. Then when she gets home probably cry on her friends shoulder
What paring out of Frerard, Frikey or Lyn-z and Gerard:? I would like a Frikey, rarely see those
Anything else? idk, you can change what you need, oh She is a VERY VERY big fan of Breaking Benjamin (mentioned them alot, i guess)

thanks, I am still going to read this! even if I get in or not, kay?