Review for New story. Auditions Wanted!!

New story. Auditions Wanted!!

(#) xxKilljoysxx 2012-02-02

Hello! The story sounds awesomeXD

Name (full name): Romy Patten

Gender: Female

Part: Competitor (Or whatever you'd like, I don't mind(:)

Age (must be 13 or older): 17

Hair cut and colour: Long(mid back), wavy, dirty blonde hair (Think Kobra kid's color). my hair's naturally quite messy looking, but good messy if you know what i mean? Sex hair messy :P, I have a sweeping side fringe covering my left eye.

Eyes: Almond shape, greeny blue.

Skin tone: Quite pale

Body (like height, thin, curvy, short, tall ect): VERY tall (6ft), and quite slim, but not really really thin, I do have meat on my bones XD and i do have curves, so I guess im curvy haha

Any tattoos or piercings?: I have a tattoo under my right ribcage saying in linking black writing 'fall down seven time, stand up eight.' and one on my wrist saying with the same font 'awake and unafraid'

Normal everyday clothes/ or clothes you would wear for rehearsing (Must be something comfy and easy to move around in): Ripped mini shorts (red or black.), plain singlet (black), band tshirt(Green day, Nirvana, Blink, P!ATD, MCR, Rise against etc), or ripped grey skinny jeans, converse shoes.

Audition outfit(please include shoes and any jewellery): Ripped skinny jeans(white), doc martins(Black), singlet(red), a necklace with a bow pendant which my mom gave me on my 13th birthday, black and white stripped wrist band.

Audition hairstyle: Down, letting it be the sex hair that it is. But did some adjustments so it looked like it was like that on purpose :3

Performance hairstyle: straightened, making it look a couple of cm longer. Have my hair with a streak of red.

And the kind of thing you would wear for live performances (must be different): Black mini shorts, ripped long white singlet, leather jacket with american flag on the back, mid calf docs.

Normal everyday make up: Very natural, light foundation, mascarra, lip gloss, with a litle black eyeliner.

Audition makeup: More pronounced black eyeliner, light red lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, still pretty natural looking

Performance makeup: smokey eyes, red lipstick, black eyeliner, a bit of blush.

Talent(please, please don`t all chose singing. Can be stuff like dancing, playing an instrument, gymnastics, skateboarding stunts ect. Be imaginative) : I can run quite fast.. if that's a talent? I don't know haha, I can play the bass, I'm quite good at drawing, well i like to draw anyway:3, writing(mainly poetry and lyrics), I play the acoustic guitar, and I can fix cars hehe

Why did you enter the competition?: I feel like (as cliche as it sounds) there's some kind of hole in my life, and whenever i listen, sing or write music I feel right. Like there's nothing else in the world for me, and it fills the hole. Music has pretty much saved me, if music wasn't around then I would have been gone long ago, it's so important to me and is a huge part of my life. Music is the only thing that makes my life bareable.

Do you think you have a chance of winning?: Obviously I'd love to, there's nothing else for me. But other people are having the exact same thoughts as I am, making my chances slimmer, but it's what i want and what i need so I'll try my very hardest and hope for the best, and i won't give up or let people stop me.

How competitive are you?: Not very, I don't take things too seriously and don't tend to get jealous.

Who are you biggest supporters and influences: My dad and sister would have to be my biggest supporters. My idol is Billie Joe Armstrong, because he's such an inspiration to me when it comes to music and they way to look at life.

Personality: Loyal, devoted, affectionate, caring, considerate, pensive, brave, determined, flexible, forgiving, focused, friendly, modest, mature, hard working, honest, openminded, understanding, creative, a shoulder to cry on, patient, realistic, reliable, responsible, respectful, insecure, trustworthy, sympathetic, adventurous, easy going, calm, clumsy.

How would you act if voted out of competition?: I wouldn't make a scene or anything. I'd be upset of course, but I wouldn't show it, i'd be happy for everyone else and hope the best for them and see what happens from there(:

What paring out of Frerard, Frikey or Lyn-z and Gerard:? Can't go wrong with Frerard ;D

Anything else?: I'm vegetarian and can't swim haha I don't really know how that will be useful in your story but what the hell:D

Thanks for reading my audition! I hope i can help somehow(: Good luck with your story, I can't wait to read it