Review for What Is Love?

What Is Love?

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-02-03

Here is my review, young grasshopper. (see what I did there?? I'm waiting for you to put it in the story now! But I'm glad it made you laugh. Made me laugh writing it, but admittedly, I had had coffee that morning, and coffee makes me hypo.)

Right. What the hell is up that Damien's ass? What's his problem? (idk why, but he made me think of her dad for some reason, like he had sent him to watch her or something.) I'm just waiting for him to hurt Kade and for Spencer to go all ninja on him and set Panic! on his sorry ass. Though I doubt Ryan would do much, being the manorexic Confucius master he is. XD He'd probably stand there and yell encouragement while his bandmates beat Damien up. Or maybe, he might be the hair pulling type. shrugs You never know!

Ahh, I guess we're both as bad as each other. Though in my defense, I updated More Than You Know yesterday!

Author's response

Haha, I do see! And I love it! Same here. I need coffee more often. When I'm writing and I have coffee= perfect.

Yes, I'm so glad you connected that! I made him a lot like her dad in creep factor. Haha, manorexic... I love it! Hair pulling is a possibility!
I'll have more soon sooo you shall see what happens with him. ;)

I DIDNT KNOW! I didn't get an email update. =/ I shall go check it out immediately!