Review for Without You I'm Nothing

Without You I'm Nothing

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-02-03


I ended up listening to 'L'Appuntamento (Sentado A'beira do Caminho)' by Andrea Bocelli while I read that. That's a classical Italian artist. So it really did fit with the atmosphere, being it was in straight Italian and all.

I didn't cry amazingly. It's hard for me to cry at fiction though Lornaigh has moved me to tears several times before. It did touch my heart though, don't get me wrong.

That was exceedingly stunning my dear. Just lovely. Morbid, yes but alas, the proper end to a tragedy. It couldn't be avoided.

Lornaigh Ni Ionnrachtaigh, you're the stuff of legends.

-Adnarim Smada