Review for Without You I'm Nothing

Without You I'm Nothing

(#) PaleOwl 2012-02-05

I read this last night, around four in the morning. Which was good because no one was awake to interupt me and see my reaction to this.

I... It's hard for me to explain how this effected me. I just can't find the right words to describe the beauty and sadness. But I can say that I cried, and not as in a single tear but as in me lying in a fetal position in my bed, crying and sobbing loudly for at least half an hour.

I absolutley love first of the gang to die. I've never reviewed it, parttly because I was in such a hurry to finish it but also because I found myself wanting to talk to Lorna about all the random stuff she wrote about in her author notes, and every time the realization that she is gone slapped me in the face and I just couldn't write anything.

But this is me, pouring my heart out about how Lorna's stories have had such an inpact on me. I've cried, I've gotten stomach aches from laughter and I've actually started to see things in a different way. I wished I could have talked to her.

I'm starting to get tears in my eyes so I'm gonna stop this ridicolously long review now. All my love to Lorna and you guys for posting her stuff and making sure people don't forget her.