Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) Merci-PourLeVenin 2012-02-05

This wasn't expected.
I was really happy for how it was.
But I guess you needed to do this for whatever reason....
I hope they don't fall apart.
I feel so awful for Gerard.

And also does this mean the next chapter is the last? It seems like you said that the next time we see an author's note, the next chapter would be last.
Or maybe I'm high.


Author's response

Yeah, it was supposed to be kinda out of the blue, and I feel sorry for Gerard too! :/ And yeah I did say that the next time there's an A/N the chapter after that would be the last one - but I meant a chapter that's an entire A/N! Whoops - should really have made that clearer!