Review for The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

(#) XsadX 2012-02-07

Man, oh, man. Roger, you went after the wrong chick. Club Raysin? Time to partayy! ;D Sounds like some exciting shtuffs.
Gerard's inner monster is starting to come through. :o Don't do anything stupid, Gerard.
I kinda want Rian's family to come back into play. Aha.
Frank is coming in!? Yes, please!
Oh, and I know what you mean about borrowing money! I hate it. Ugh.
Really great chapter. Excited for more! :)

Author's response

Haha, so my naming kind of sucks. X.x I'm not the most original cookie in the box. I'm hoping to make it pretty darn exciting. ;)

Oh yes, it is. He can't hide from himself forever. Poor Rian. Man, I feel bad for my own character. O.o

I hope this doesn't ruin anything but... her family does come back in to play. It won't be immediate but I do plan to have them in the story later on.

Yes! Frank is coming soon! =D I'm exciting to write him. Hehe. He's fun to write. I like to write a happy, hyper, crazy Frank honestly.

Yeah... it makes me feel terrible. =/

Thank you! I'll try to update soon. =)