Review for Klavier


(#) snake56tongue 2012-02-11


Amazing ..... Incredible .....and like I said in the email, I am severely annoyed at how you are better at English than me .... :)

I have now favourites this, like I promised!

And I was reading all the other reviews, (cause I am weird and like doing that), and I have to agree with the American who is jealous of German keyboards!!

Lol :) Off to read your other stories, cause you are fabulous, and eagerly awaiting your email :)

Author's response


thank you:) and i'm not better at english...really!

omygod i think i love you...:D sorry, i just can't understand how you can love this so much...makes me feel like my grin will split my face in two, BECAUSE IT JUST WON'T GO AWAY

and that made no sense whatsoever...

i do that all the! it's weird, because a 'normal' german keyboard would have german um..labels (?)...mine are in the 'delete' key says del instead of entf for 'entfernen' like it everything's in english but i still have the german keyboardxD

can i just say, i'm embarrassed about half the stuff on my profile? lol, okay..but thankies i guess:)

x k