Review for Love You To Death (Frikey)

Love You To Death (Frikey)

(#) Black_Poison_Heart 2012-02-11

Palm trees and golden sands are aweosme! :D white sandy beaches are pure magic... like on the south eastern coast of Oz, Geroa. Or the beaches at Townsville on the North-Eastern coast of Australia... picture perfect there, but cant swim in the water coz of all the deadly jellyfish ._. no joke (I almost cried when I found that out whan I wnet up there last year.)

ooh, I looooooooved history XD I wonder if Heather does :P

Lol, whenever I hear "Queen Victoria", I always think of Docotr Who and werewolves. And the title of this story can be related to the Doctor from Doctor Who too ^-^

ooh... I wonder why Mikey doesn't like old buildings... :P

Can't wait for more! xx


Author's response

You`ve been to Austrailia?! I am so jealous of you right now. I love swimming in the sea, my mum gets all paranoid about it though. I`ve only ever swan in England so it has been pretty icy.
I Love histoy s well. And Doctor Who. I only just noticed that it relates. I kinda just copied it from the name of the book I got the idea from. You will find out why he doesn`t like them in the next chapter. Sorry for the super long reply. Thanks for reading