Review for Why?


(#) killjoys 2012-02-14

Why.. is a very good question..
I guess its coz some people dont like change..
its happened with loads of other bands too.. if they suddent change their style people decided they no longer like them

but at the end of the day they are still the same band.. they have just grown up and changed a bit, and thats what should happen! change is good.

Myself i have listen to MCR since about 2004! just when Cheers came out,
i like every album for different reason... some songs i cant stand but other I love this is the same across all 4 albums :)
They have progessed and thats good in my eyes anyway... you can see them grow and they still love what they are doing you can tell..

I kinda did my dissertation on them and how they have elvoled over the years!