Review for Why?


(#) killjoy_blackrose 2012-02-14

prancing around in weird ass way too colorful uniforms...sure that is so selling out, because abviously that's what the populace wants rolls eyes
i've been a fan since january 2011 making me a 'been-a-fan-since-dangerdays' person (some people call you less of a fan for that..the fuck man, /the fuck?/) but my favorite album is three cheers. personally i like DD the least, but /still fucking love it/.
mcr just do what ever they feel like. they're all goddamn happy right now and i feel like DD reflects that. also a person changes over the years, fuck, even over days. mcr put their everything into their work. they are passionate about it and don't just want to make money. so in a way the music just displays different emotions they felt while creating. mcr are still the same, they still care and they still do exactly what we don't expect from them. so yeah...trying to get a point across and failing horribly. damn my rambling i forget what i want to say about halfway into the goddamn sentence ...xk