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Give me a storyline..

(#) missfunghoul57 2012-02-14

Glad you like it! Well at first, small things take broken windows, smashed car headlights and ruined flower beds. What seems like petty crimes to ordinary people, are the equivalent to murder for the people of Shady Brook. In the midst of all of these some what small crimes, Eva starts to take notice to the new boys in school. After realizing that one of them is in her chem class, Eva makes an attempt to approach him despite her friends constant pleads not to. Eva and this mystery boy are assigned to team up for a chemistry project. Although it only lasted 2 days, the new boy learned a lot about Eva, including her locker number...254. After that experiment, the two talked a few more times, but never enough to have a relationship. Beautifully hand written notes start appearing in Eva's every single day. Every one of them was signed with a single letter. She couldn't figure out who the letters were coming from, but day by day, she felt more and more affection towards that new boy, who her friends had convinced her to stay away from. It was like a case of forbidden love. Suddenly, stranger and larger crimes start happening. Farmer's cattle and sheep disappeared without a trace, and the town's mayor goes missing. The crimes continue, and after a few weeks, Eva can't help herself anymore. Between the attraction to the new boy and the sudden connection she feels to the current events....she recruits her closest friend and begins to investigate. Just when it seems like she is close to solving the town's mystery...the mayor's lifeless body if found in the town square along with three numbers written in blood. 254. At first, Eva doesn't realize the connection...until she shows up to school the next day, and finds the number on her locker circled with red marker. She receives another note that explained that whoever was writing them knew Eva was investigating. This note was pleading, almost threatening. Whoever was writing them, said they wanted to meet, her.....they needed to. Immediately, a single thought flashed across Eva's mind. "What if I don't want to meet?" Her question was answered in the next line. "I have your best friend." Now everything was falling into place for the mystery boy behind this plot....he would finally get to be with his true soul mate, and he couldn't wait. Whether she knew it or not, Eva couldn't wait to be with him either. But first, she had to set out on one final investigation.....

So yeah...that's basically what I've got so far. Lemma know what you think and if you need anything else! Xo