Review for Why?


(#) SyraStrange 2012-02-14

It's not that I hate Danger Days or anything. I guess I just don't love it. I mean, I know they've changed genres like you guys keep saying, and all is means is that I don't necessarily like the change they've gone through. It's not that I hate the bright colors, or I hate My Chem and shit (I think the Na Na Na video IS AWESOME). I actually adore the killjoy idea. I just - don't want listen to the music on the album. Doesn't speak to me, it's only noise and nothing there really stuck out to me (other than Na Na Na, I fucking love that song). But the rest... eh. I'm sorry, it's only my opinion, and I know how much the songs there speak to you guys. I still love MCR to bits though, even if I don't like the new album. So... Yeah. That's what I think.

K, thnx, bye!